Indeed it has been a long time coming.

I have been preoccupied with the thoughts in my head, and with bantering arduosly with my ID and Superego in an effort to shape my SELF. I hate this state of mind. Yet I love it too.


as Spiderman says: This gift is both a blessing and a curse.


There are a great many questions in this world for which we do not have the answer within ourselves. Hypothetical papers upon piles, stacked and stored; forgotten in the recesses of the mind lie in wait for their turn to surface as a mode of diversion for our ever-changing minds. There is a great need to satisfy this itch  in my curiosity-filled soul that conquers my attempts at vanquishing the hunger for solid knowledge even in my deepest moments of peace.

In pursuit of a rather tailored diet for the enrichment of my soul, I shall also attempt once and for all to find the epitome of the word we call clarity. In doing so , I am keeping a scrapbook of sorts if you will; the path is long and arduous, and branches out in infinite twists and turns.

readers; hello.